Ordinary Cotton Fabric Air Jet Loom

 Product description:YC820 SERIES AIR JET LOOMSUITABLE FOR WEAVING LOW TO MEDIUM  COTTON FABRICS1.Adaopting properly structured and stable box-type frame structure,The solid beating shaft and multiple auxiliary supporting and conter weight balanced beating systems improve the stability of the loom at high-speed operati

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Product description:


Air Jet Loom for Weaving Common Cotton Fabrics

1.Adaopting properly structured and stable box-type frame structure,The solid beating shaft and multiple auxiliary supporting and conter weight balanced beating systems improve the stability of the loom at high-speed operating.

2.The loom is suitable for high-desity weave.Equipped with high-speed operation,intelligent10 inch big screen man-machine interface control system.High speed response of the imported electromagnetic valve,optimization of the pneumatic control system,using a main nozzle+seing nozzle+asub nozzle high speed weft,loom in gas consumption of energy than the same type of domestic models of gas 20%,

3.ELOand ETU configuration allows users only through a display input weft density can be,without changing the weft desity gear,can realize the variable density of weft weaving,thereby expanding the scope of weaving,has the advantages of simple operation,easy maintenance,high production efficiency and the like.

Air Jet Loom for Weaving Common Cotton Fabrics   
1,Electronc Take-Up:An AC servo motor is used for the take-up section.Computer controlled,it rotates fully-synchronously with the loom to control pick densities.The pick desities can be entered from the i-board.No change gears are required.Combined with the Electronic Let-Off,gaiting works are easy.
2,Electronic Let-off:This motion controls AC servo-motor speed in order to ensure constant warp yarn by checking warp yarn tension using a load cell and comparing with settension by CUP.The even tension during operation prevents the weaving defects.
The highly rigid frame guarantees the lowest vibration even during hight-speed operation for hight-desity fabrics.In order to realize the high speed ,we designed the oil bath lubrication systems inner the frame.
3,Shedding system:Adopt positive cam shedding and Dobby device(selective).It is applied for weaving the fabric of plain cloth,diagonal cloth,and satin cloth.The accessories of cam box are lubricated by oil and indefectible.
4, Lubrication system:Through the computer control electric pumps,pump output timing automatically added,not through artificial come on,has the oil supply timely prominent advantages,can prolong the service life of the moving parts.
Manufacturers:Qingdao Spark Textile Machine Co.,Ltd 
Product name:Air Jet Loom 
Reed width:170,190,210,230,280,340,360cm
Welf selection:1.2.4or6 color
Start mode:Start motor at high speed.push-button start,stop,f/r slow move 
Welf insertion:main nozzle+seing nozzle+sub nozzle+abnormity lock
Supporting sparay solenoidvalve:Supporting sparay solenoidvalve
Shedding:positive electric multi-dobby shedding
Beating:Double side tank oil-bath type four-bar beating-up motion
Let-off:Electric servo continuous let-off
take-up:Electric take-up 
Selvedge:Leno yarn by plancetary gear 
Weft breakage:Reflecting doule feeler device 
Warp breakage:Electric warp stop device
Shutdown display:Screen display,multi-functional shutdown display lights
Weft cutter:Mechanical cutter 
Electric control system:High-deficiency,large screen,vga color image display touch human-computer interface

Technical parameters  
Itemair jet loom configurationRemark
Nominal reed space◊150,◊170,◊190,◊210,◊230,
◊280,◊320,◊340,◊360 cm
Useful reed width:Below 280cm cut 0-60cm
Above 280cm cut 0- 80cm
DriveMotor choose by reed. Shedding type 
Weft selection( )set weft storage,( )main nozzle, 
any weft
◊2 color;◊4 color; ◊6 color
Weft insertionElectronic control mail, 
auxiliary nozzle relay weft, 
with auxiliary main nozzle, 
SMC solenoid valve from Japan
BeatingMore support feet beating solid shaft, 
With weight, Crank linkage beating
above 280cm six-bar linkage,
below 280cm four-bar beating
Let offElectronically controlled continuous
positive let-off, suitable for 
◊φ800 beam   ◊φ1000mm beam
Take up◊electronic take up ; ◊Mechanical take-up◊sand roller; ◊double pressure roller; 
◊rubber roller;◊barbed leather roller
Winding◊inside the machine winding
◊outside the machine winding
◊inside the machine winding maximum
roll diameter 550mm
◊outside the machine winding maximum 
roll diameter 1200mm
shedding◊positive cam shedding(up to 8)shaft
◊crank shedding (4)shaft
◊electronic dobby shedding(up to 16)shaft
Cam box and dobby manufacture:
Shedding cams◊1/1 ;◊ 2/1 ; ◊3/1 ; ◊2/2 ;◊4/1 shaft  
Heald frameNumber of New Light heald frames 
Heald wiresHeald wires ◊J type 331 ; ◊ O type 330 
cutterMechanical shears 
SelvagePlanetary gear cutter edge institution 
temple30 hoops temple in the cloth above 
Back beamDouble back beam, positive loose warp 
Control box◊7" ◊10.4" touch screen ;
computer control system ;
process parameters, monitoring, self-diagnosis display
Parking device4 color indictor show failure
A,broken warp: 6 row drop pin;
B,cut weft: double weft feeder
C,selvage: near switch
D,catch weft: sensor

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Air Jet Loom for Weaving Common Cotton FabricsAir Jet Loom for Weaving Common Cotton FabricsAir Jet Loom for Weaving Common Cotton FabricsAir Jet Loom for Weaving Common Cotton FabricsAir Jet Loom for Weaving Common Cotton Fabrics


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